Holiday Livery                     
       From £ (Please call for current prices)

       Includes -

  • Mucking out 7 days
  • Bedding, straw or shavings*
  • Individual or paired turnout at your choice
  • Turning out/ catching in
  • Feed, individually tailored to your horses needs
  • Changing rugs
  • Picking feet out, washing legs if required
  • All paddock care, checking water, mucking out
  • Supply fly spray & sun cream in the summer**
  • Put on fly masks (to be supplied by owner)

        ** Feed consists of  upto 1 scoop"Chaff", upto half scoop"Leisure Mix" and upto half scoop"Sugar Beet twice a day . Please speak to us if other feed is required.

  • price to include 1 bale of shavings per week, any more used will be charged at current retail price

  • haylage  / hay charged via weight

  • Fly spray/ sun cream or any other application must be requested by the horse/pony owner

  • Solarium use: 2.00 per session

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