Part Livery                      

(For Part Livery if reqd)
  • Mucking out - 6.50
  • Turn out, change rugs, pick out feet - 2.00
  • Catching in, change rugs, washdown legs, pick out feet - 2.00
  • Haylage  / hay charged via weight
  • Solarium use: 2.00 per session
  • Shavings available at retail price
  • Holding for Vet/Farrier 6 per hour

       From £ (Please call for current prices)


  • Bedding, straw (Shavings available at retail price)
  • Individual or paired turnout at your choice,
  • Turning out 5 days a week,
  • Feed**, individually tailored to your horses needs,
  • Changing rugs (When turning out only)
  • Picking feet out,
  • All paddock care, checking water,
  • Apply fly spray & sun cream in the summer (to be supplied by owner)
  • Put on fly masks (to be supplied by owner)
  • Attending for the vet/ farrier etc (at cost to the owner)***
  • Full use of the manege is included, however you may need to book  for weekend use.

        ** Feed consists of  upto 1 scoop"Chaff", upto half scoop"Leisure Mix" and upto half scoop"Sugar Beet twice a day . Please speak to us if other feed is required.

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